Positive Futurism Press releases Krim Times, its first book

The first book published by Positive Futurism Press, Krim Times, is now available on Amazon (affiliate link).

It’s set in a virtual world, about a hundred and fifty years in the future, by which time people will be literally able to live online.

This particular world is called Krim, a role-playing and social grid loosely set in medieval England. The grid is on the brink of economic collapse. Can our hero save it or would he rather go and have lunch?

This is the first fiction book published by author Maria Korolov, who had been planning to become a novelist all her life.

Maria Korolov

“But I didn’t have any interesting to write about and went off to be a war correspondent to get some experience instead,” she said. “I covered civil wars in Russia and Afghanistan, then came back to the U.S. to cover the dot-com boom, then went to Shanghai to run a business news bureau. For the past few years, I’ve been covering cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.”

You can see all her writing on her website, MariaKorolov.com. She also edits Hypergrid Business, a popular blog about virtual reality.

If you are interested in signing up on a mailing to hear about new releases, email her at maria@korolov.com.

You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, check out her Amazon author page and her Goodreads author page.