Welcome to Positive Futurism

Are you interested in the future? Not the bleak, dystopian future that we fear will pass, but the more likely future, in which, in general, things are getting better.

When it comes to preparing for the worst-case scenario, there’s not much we can do, other than stockpile canned goods and cast our votes to make sure that there’s enough funding to guard us against virulent diseases and rogue asteroids.

But what if … stick with me for a second here … the worst stuff doesn’t happen. That civilization doesn’t end in a nuclear war or environmental armageddon or global economic collapse. Are we prepared for what happens next?

Are we prepared for a future where we don’t have to work anymore if we don’t want to? What will do then?

Are we prepared for a future where we stay healthy and active much, much longer than ever before?

Where each of us has dramatically more power to change the world, to communicate our ideas, to create?

I bet your mind is immediately jumping to the downsides of all these predictions.

Everyone’s does. Why is it so far for us to imagine a positive future?

Are we afraid that if we plan for it, it won’t happen? That we might jinx it?

But only planning for the bad stuff isn’t a good option.

If we don’t plan for the good stuff, we won’t be prepared when it happens, and we won’t be able to affect how it comes about.

It’s time for us to spend just a little bit of our time and energy on thinking about the positive things that can happen in the future, so that we can plan for them, so we can have a public discussion about the way we want these things to happen, and, yes, so that we’re also prepared for the potential downsides of getting everything we want.

At Positive Futurism, we hope to present some of these more positive visions of the future, in the form of news and opinion, reviews of new books, movies, and television shows, and short and long-form speculative fiction.

Are you interested in becoming part of the community?

We welcome writers, editors, futurists, and deep thinkers to join us and take part.

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