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Upsider magazine is an online publication featuring fiction, news and opinion that deals with positive futurism.

What is positive futurism?

Positive futurism is a vision of the future that focuses on the outcomes of positive trends.

Positive futurism is not utopian. The world will never be perfect. But, overall, there is a strong possibility that positive progress will outweigh the negative.

Positive futurism doesn’t ignore the possibility that some major environmental, political, economic or other kind of disaster will occur. But there is a great deal of thought already dedicated to dealing with these problems. Science fiction books, movies and television shows, as well as non-fiction books and articles, very frequently deal with the possible consequences of disasters of various kinds.

But what happens if things go mostly right?

We know how to prepare for things to go badly. We fund NASA programs to look for approaching asteroids, we fund the CDC to help prepare us for epidemics. We elect politicians who try to resolve global conflicts and set environmental goals. Possible disaster scenarios are debated almost endlessly in all walks of life.

Fear motivates voters, drives traffic to news sites, and brings in viewers to movies and television shows.

But what happens if things go right?

We rarely, if ever, have significant public conversations about how to prepare for the disruptions caused by positive changes.

But positive changes are coming and through most of recent history the positive changes have actually outnumbered the negative ones.

If we don’t acknowledge the possibility of positive change, then we can’t prepare for it, and we can’t influence the exact way it comes about.

What is Upsider?

Upsider is an online magazine that will publish fiction, news, and opinion about topics related to positive futurism.

We are currently recruiting writers and editors, encourage guest columnists, and welcome submissions of books for book reviews.

For more information, contact editor@upsidemag.com.

Who are we?

Upsider and Upsider Publishing are owned by Trombly International, a Massachusetts-based editorial services company, which also publishes Hypergrid Business, an online publication about virtual and immersive environments.