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As a new publication, Upsider is actively seeing to build our roster of writers. If you are interested in writing essays about trends related to positive futurism, write reviews of books, or publish short stories or excerpts from novels, please get in touch.

How to get through our spam filters

Online publications that allow guest posts typically get anywhere from dozens and hundreds of submissions a week offering content. Many will even offer to pay us to publish their spam posts.

It all gets flagged as spam, and sent straight to the trash.

To avoid accidentally getting tagged as a content spammer, you have to show that you are a real person who has something interesting, insightful, or useful to say to our readers.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Send us your bio, resume, or linked in LinkedIn profile
  • If you are an entrepreneur or executive at a startup working in the field of AI, nanotech, space exploration or other areas where you’re helping to build the future, send us links to your company website, your Techcrunch page, your LinkedIn page, and similar resources
  • Send us links to your published books or to your personal writing blog
  • Send us links to stories or articles you’ve published in other publications that relate to futurism, science fiction, or technology

When you send us these materials, include the following in your subject line: “I am interested in positive futurism and would like to write for Upsider” or, if you are in public relations, “I have an expert in positive futurism I would like to suggest as a guest writer for Upsider.”

We do not pay for submissions, but we will include your name, photo, bio, and link back to your website or book sales page at the bottom of the post.

At some point in the future, we will be hiring writers and copyeditors, and our first preference will be for those people who have contributed to the site in the past.